Navigate through form fields in Android

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When having EditText as form fields, you might want to navigate from one to another by using the soft keyboard. This is easy if you use the following property in the layout xml:

For inputs that have a “following” element :


For the final item:


There are several options to control the Enter/Next… key in soft keyboard, here are a list of possible values (what do they display and if there is a special action)

  • actionDone: Done, hides the soft keyboard if not the last text input box
  • actionGo: Go
  • actionNone: Enter key simbol, inserts a new line (cursor goes to next line)
  • actionNext: Goes to next item, displays “Next” (or equivalent in your language)
  • actionSearch: displays a magnifying glass
  • actionSend: Send

some image examples (in Spanish locale) for action buttons (for “navigation” you should need next and done):

Search action button

Go Action Button (Ir in Spanish)

Next Action button (Sig. from Siguiente in Spanish locale)

Done Action button (Listo in Spanish locale)

Default Action Button

For further information, you should look at the official documentation page, on Onscreen Inputs

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